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Located at 5400 Barber Mill Rd. Clayton, NC 27520

What Dr. Folden Lee & Dr. Win Bell bring to Clayton, NC dental care is a dynamic team approach to provide you with the very best dentistry by ensuring that a specialist performs all of your dentistry work. It is this breadth and depth of knowledge and skill across every facet of dentistry that make Dr. Lee & Dr. Bell stand out from any other dental practice. Our highly educated and experienced team is at your service. Clayton Individualized Dentistry offers numerous specialties – such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and teeth whitening – plus a team of experienced dental technicians, hygienists and staff who attend to your every dental need at our Clayton North Carolina office.

Dr. Folden Lee, DDS

Dr. Folden W. Lee, DDS

Dr. Win Bell, DDS

Dr. Win Bell, DDS