CEREC Crown Benefits

Clayton Dentist Exlpains CEREC Crown Restoration System

Our Clayton, NC dentists are able to offer same day dental crowns to their patients by using the highly innovative system CEREC by Sirona. CEREC allows doctors to produce crowns, ceramic veneers, inlays and onlays all in one appointment. Traditionally and still very common these procedures will involve at least two visits. Using a CAD/CAM system which encompasses a camera, computer and milling machine the doctor is able to produce the restoration on the spot. The process as a whole is incredibly fast!

How does the CEREC System Work?

Once your doctor has decided a crown is the best option for you they will need to reshape the tooth so it can accommodate the new crown. This is done by using a small drill called a burr. Once reshaped an image will be taken of your teeth and uploaded into the CEREC design system. Your dentist is then able to make a 3D model of your new tooth.

The next process is done with the on-site milling machine. Your dentist will take the image of your tooth from earlier and use it as a blueprint on a block of high quality ceramic. Once completed, if necessary the dentist will then stain the ceramic to better fit your teeth coloration. If you both are happy with the color and sizing the tooth will then be polished and cemented in.
This process can take roughly an hour to an hour and a half. Creating the tooth can take 10-30 minutes of this so you aren’t having work done during your entire visit.

*If you were to be at a different dental office in Clayton without CEREC technology a mold of your teeth would be taken and then shipped off to a lab. You would then go home with a temporary crown and have to wait for your permanent crown to be fabricated, sent back to the dental office and then have it affixed at your next appointment.

Advantages of CEREC

CEREC allows dentists to begin to establish a new standard of care when it comes to dental crowns and ceramic veneers. The biggest advantages both doctors and patients witness are

  • Dentist has complete control from start to finish (no interruptions)
  • Saves time with only one visit needed
  • No need to arrange multiple times off work
  • No temporary veneers or crowns
  • One time for anesthesia injection

Typical wait time for a two visit crown is two weeks. So you will have to wear the temporary crown for approximately two weeks and then arrange for time off work, babysitter, etc. for your next visit. With the hectic lives many of us lead this can be quite a frustration.

CEREC Provider

Dr. Folden Lee has went through extensive training on CEREC to be able to offer same day dental crowns in Clayton, NC. This state of the art technology is the top of the line for dental offices. CEREC has been used in dental practice for over 30 years and has over 250 clinical tests. The success stories with using CEREC are ever evolving and growing. To be a part of the success contact us today to schedule your same day dental crown using CEREC with the Clayton Individualized Dentistry! If in another state and looking to choose a CEREC provider, click here.

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