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Root Canal Treatment

Overcoming Fears of a Root Canal in Clayton

There are many myths surrounding the root canal procedure, the biggest of which being that they are painful. Well if you’re like many patients who are looking to overcome their fears of a root canal in Clayton, NC then hopefully this article will help ease those fears!
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Child Brushing Teeth Too Hard

5 Bad Dental Habits – From Your Clayton Dentist

Most people have engaged in a few bad dental habits at some point in time, but here are a few that can help serve as a reminder of what not to do. Clayton Individualized Dentistry your favorite Clayton dentist, outlines 5 of these bad habits and how to avoid them.
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Man Suffering Toothache

Horrible Toothache in Clayton?

Suffering From a Toothache in Clayton, NC? Are you suffering from a toothache in Clayton, NC and unsure of what to do about it? Well Clayton Individualized Dentistry is here to take a look at what causes a toothache, and what you should do about it!
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Man with Toothache

Emergency Dental in Clayton

What to do in a dental emergency Do you live in the Clayton, NC area and not know what to in the case of a knocked out tooth or other emergency dental procedure? Well here are some helpful resources to keep on hand in case you ever run into a dental emergency of your own. Accidents happen…
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